Monet Medical is pleased to offer an innovative equipment Service Agreement solution for the healthcare industry.

With many manufacturers scheduled to no longer support key lines of infusion therapy (IV Pump) devices, healthcare facilities have found themselves in need of establishing alternate strategies in order to maintain current equipment inventories in Patient Ready condition.

Over the last ten years Monet Medical has established itself as an industry leader in the medical equipment reconditioning industry and has been named as a Preferred Vendor with many of our Nation's top Healthcare systems. With our well trained biomedical and reconditioning staff, as well as our OEM partnerships, Monet Medical is uniquely positioned to maintain and repair your infusion therapy devices. Monet Medical offers:
•Complete biomedical calibration and recertification to OEM specifications. Monet Medical specializes in BAXTER, HOSPIRA / ABBOTT, CAREFUSION / ALARIS IV Pumps.

•In-house, industry leading cosmetic reconditioning processes.

•Quick turn-around time.

•Standard one year parts and labor warranty included on all work completed with options for two and three year extended warranties.

•Custom Service Agreement proposals outlining benefits and services to be performed for both "Per Item" and "Inventory / Equipment Fleet" requests.

Monet Medical is committed to maintaining - improving quality of care while significantly reducing capital expense. - Call us today and let us provide you with one of our custom Service Agreement proposals that will outline how Monet Medical is able to help you extend the service life of your Infusion Therapy devices while helping you maintain exceptional quality of care.


Sample Cost Analysis –

Cost of New X Average Hospital = Total Sample Cost
Sample IV Pump - 200 Bed - $ 680,000.00
$3400 / unit

Monet Medical X Average Hospital = Total Sample Cost
Service Agreement with - 200 Bed - $ 82,000.00
Two Year Warranty
$410 / unit

COST DIFFERENCE = $ 598,000.00




Diverse Customer Base

  • Hospitals
  • SurgeryCenters
  • Oncology Centers
  • Education Facilities
  • Home Care
  • Distributors




Manufacturers we work with:



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